Monday, August 29, 2016

Keep Going

Today is my first official day of work as a full-time author.

Astute First Day of Work Selfie
My boss is great, but hard. She has huge goals and high expectations, but she is determined to see me succeed. She likes coffee from Starbucks, so that's cool, but since I am my own boss, I have to pay for it myself.

My baby left me for Kindergarten as only a four-year-old, and I questioned myself 2,137 times (just this morning) about whether I should have kept her home another year. She is the baby of three girls and can hold her own with my ten and eleven-year-olds without question. After all, she informed me her Kindergarten motto was "always stick up for yourself," a lesson you learn daily when you're years younger than two older sisters. My head knows she's ready to soar, but my heart fights dirty, conjuring images of baby curls and toddler giggles in the silence of her absence. Jerk!

Remember those kids who obviously had older siblings that you didn't really want your innocent firstborn to play with because they were a little bit sassy, a tinge too confident, and sometimes plain mean... Bo: "I'm gonna do great in kindergarten if I remember this one thing." Me: *waiting for that proud mom moment when she regurgitates some profoundly loving Biblical truth* Bo: "Always stick up for yourself!" 🤔😂 So, I'm sorry, delicate first-time moms in her kinder class that my daughter's take-away from growing up with two big sisters is that her kindergarten guiding principle has become "survive and don't take no shiznit from anyone." 😂😂 . . #kindergarten #alsoappliestothezombieapocalypse #fouryearsold #strong #selfconfidence #babyofthefamily #sassy #futurepresident #sorrynotsorry #kids #kidsarefunny
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Alas, I keep going. My little girl turned five on the fourth day of school and owned her first week of Kindergarten like a champ. My oldest baby girl started middle school like she didn't need me to hold her hand at all, and my middlest is now the leader of the elementary school as a perfectly quirky and responsible 5th grader. 

All the while, I stayed home last week without them, barely surviving the heartache. I guess I owe a begrudged thanks to my coping mechanism (to my husband's joy) ... cleaning. Though the nest be empty, the nest be sparkly clean!

So here I am, reporting for work.

Day one: Full-Time Author.

Since RYAN REVISITED released last year, so many doors have opened. Of course, every author dreams of best-seller success with their first release, but God had a different plan for me.

Who is Ryan Ester? Click here.

My awesome publicist, Rick Miles at Red Coat PR, believed in me and set up an opportunity for me to talk to an agent. I pitched a totally different story idea to her and to my bliss, signed with the amazing Italia Gandolfo at Gandolfo Helin & Fountain Literary Management.

After RYAN REVISITED released, my husband and I attended Penned Con and met so many amazing readers, authors, and industry pros (  IG, AG, LKG, LD, RM) which motivated me to pursue my career with gusto (read about my AMAZING experience there and how it changed my life!). I started work on a paranormal story idea (the one I'd pitched to my agent), when another story idea just BAM hit me.

I casually mentioned it to my publicist, and then I received a call from my agent to stop work on the paranormal book and begin writing the YA historical fiction sci-fi because it had big potential. I wrote the first book in the five-book series last fall and signed a contract for its publication (exciting announcement on that series soon).

As soon as I completed my second novel, I began work on a new series. This summersparingly because I really enjoyed my three girls being homeI've been writing another historical fiction, but this one is an action-adventure story with a twist.

This book is without a doubt the most difficult professional endeavor of my life (and I was an elementary teacher moons ago). The research alone has broken me several (that's not a strong enough word) times, but I am determined to write this book.

The subject matter is heavy so far, and I have to take breaks. It is a powerful story of triumph after misery, and I need my protagonist to get there. He's pretty miserable right now, and therefore, so am I! There have been tears and anguish, foot stomps and hair pulling, and threats to quit, but we shall overcome! 

Just. keep. going. 
(I have to keep telling myself this...)

So as I start my full-time writing career today, my second bookthe historical sci-fiis with an editor. I will dive deeply into book-finishing mode and hopefully get close to completing my third book before I receive my edits from my second. Wish me luck!

I have big dreams, big goals, and a big God. I will work hard. I will stumble and fall, but I will turn and face doubt with faith in my purpose. I won't compare my journey. When things get hard and scary and dark and costly, I will persevere. I won't get stuck in the muck and stay there. I will keep going.

This past year has been a writing roller coaster for me. I climbed up that first big hill as a girl with a dream to self-publish a book that took years to finish, only to race down the track as a full-time, represented, hybrid author juggling multiple projects and deadlines. I am so thankful God had such exciting plans for me, and I can't wait to ride these rails on toward the next big peak!

I am so thankful God had such exciting plans for me
But make no mistake...

Every day I write is a goal met.

Every chapter finished is an accomplishment.
Every sentence crafted is a dream realized.

Every word,




Thank you for cheering for me as I keep striving, keep writing, and keep going!


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