Friday, August 14, 2015

Ten Times My Muse Is a Fickle Pickle

I'm writing a new book! Like, I'm past the planning, the outlining, the starting research (I say "starting" because I research during the entire process.), the story arching, the character sketches, etc, and I'm deep into the writing. This is my life. I love to write.

But chasing my muse's fickle whims is tricky. She loves to be coy. She's kind of like a cat. She don't care.

Ten Times My Muse Is a Fickle Pickle

1. It's quiet. The kids are preoccupied. The music is on. I'm full. My fingers are hovering over the keys. Muse is gone.

2. My muse shows up right when the kids are bleeding, dinner is burning, the three-year-old opened the door to a stranger while I'm not wearing a bra, and the laptop battery is dying.

3. She is super rude and narcissistic sometimes. I'm trying to listen to my husband tell me about his very stressful day at work, and she's screaming in my ear.

4.  That crazy girl is a night owl! She misses curfew all the time, and I wait and wait and wait up for her.

5. Her favorite hour is whatever hour I'm almost asleep. She has some of her best ideas when I'm nodding off.

6. She doesn't quit then, though. I mean, the girl is committed to the red-eye. When she has ideas, her genius will haunt my freaking dreams.

7. And she's not a hand-holder, either. In the morning, I am On. My. Own. I try to remember her wee-hour, clever, Mensa plot twists, and I come away with the most disjointed, implausible nonsense ever.

8. And I'll tell you another time she gets fickle. We are diving deep into a story. The juices are flowing, we are working it out like a pair of bad ace bosses and then SQUIRREL!! She has a totally different idea for a totally different project in a totally different genre and she insists we drop current free-flowing book to start another.

9.  But then there are those awesome days she has me working away with anointed fingers and the words don't stop spilling out onto the computer screen. I get no sleep. I take no showers. I see no people. But she keeps me happy and writing.

10. But the very best times, she totally redeems her frustrating alter-egos with bad timing and bad attitude. She reminds me why writing books is my dream come true and she rocks my face off with epic wonder and blessed awesomeness.

Such is the pursuit of inspiration. Can anyone relate?

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  1. Hysterical, Sam. My muse is rather different... first the muse is male and second he is a taskmaster who can be scary at times. I'm the one working late, losing track of hours, and hunting down plot bunnies. Even then, I do relate to several of your points. Especially at the worst possible time ideas come flooding in and you're torn about being rude to the person in front of you and capturing those elusive ideas before they are gone. :)



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