Monday, June 1, 2015

The Ryan Revisited Low Down on So Many Goings On. Long Title, Even Longer Post.

Less than two weeks away from the release of my bleeding heart and exposed soul. Less than two weeks away until I invite countless strangers to critique me, my talent, my creation, my worth... Less than two weeks until my first full-blown panic attack. Less than two weeks until I develop several nervous ticks, insomnia, and agoraphobia. Two weeks, people!

Yes, dear ones, the RYAN REVISITED Release Day Blitz is upon us.

You can help me get the word out that it has gone live on release day, June 14. 
Just SIGN UP HERE! This is for everyone! Not just bloggers and avid readers (though I adore each and every one of you for supporting this new author and her debut! Love forever!). Friends and family, too! My mom, mother-in-law, sisters, neighbors, the guy who knows my name at the bakery because of my cute cookie requester... all of you can help me tell the world RYAN REVISITED will be released on June 14. SIGN UP and get the skinny on how you can join my launch team (the winning team, so why not?). THANK YOU SO MUCH!
I can't do it without you!
So where can you get a copy of RYAN REVISITED? Well, it's 2.99 for an e-book. You can preorder e-books from Amazon for Kindle users, iBooks for Apple users, Barnes and Noble for Nook users, and from Kobo (links below). The cool thing about preorders is that they all get added to my release day sales, so they accumulate overtime. But for sales records, it looks like I had a great release day. This helps hot-shot authors (of whom, I am not... yet ;) ) m ake best-seller lists and increase their visibility on retail sites and in searches. If you want to wait until release day June 14 to buy your digital copy, that's great, too! You can buy RYAN REVISITED at all of those places and more on June 14, including Smashwords and other places that I haven't really heard of.

Want a paperback? They will be available on all those retailer sites and more on release day June 14: Amazon, B&N, Booksamillion, etc. Any brick and mortar store can order you a copy, too. Just be sure when you walk in to ask that you say, "Hey, do you have RYAN REVISITED on the shelf? What, no? Why not? You totally should!" Then have them order you one. Thanks!

You can PREORDER SIGNED PAPERBACKS FROM ME HERE! I would love to send you a signed copy! Just fill out the order form, and I'll get right on that!

Want me to hand deliver one to you? Come to my Ryan Revisited book-themed Release Day Launch Party on June 14 at 5 pm. Can't make it? Fill out the form, and if you are one of my hometown peeps (Do we still say that? Forgive me.), then I'll get you one.

*Personal info covered for FB and social media creepers. Lovable, already-known creepers welcome.
Contact me for invite.

And if you want to secure your spot on the ever-dwindling Davis Christmas Card List, you could buy both the e-book and a paperback. Because honestly, you never can tell on any given day whether you will want to read it on e-reader or on paper. Confucius said: One should never limit one's readability of Ryan Ester's freshman year drama to merely one medium.

And LAST but NOT LEAST, I'm also going to announce...
I will be an attending author at Penned Con St. Louis 2015! 

Penned Con is a 3-day reader and writer conference from July 23-25. I can't wait to meet the other authors, bloggers and readers, and to meet my agent and publicist for the first time in person! Please, be kind and stop to say hi at this newbie author's table. Giveaway for Penned Con attendees will be announced later on! Stay tuned!

So many cool goings on! And I'm still just far enough away that it all just sounds really exciting. Give me a few more days to reach climactic anxiety and then somebody may need to slap me out of the wallowing mess of tears and shrieks I'm soon to be in.

Love to all of you who took the time to read to the end! And just because you did so, comment here on the blog page AND on one of my social media pages for a chance to win an EXCLUSIVE three lines from any page of the book that you choose. 

Must follow directions to win!
Just be sure to say something wise and funny and then give me a page number. Must comment here in blog below AND on social media (like on this Facebook post, or tweet me, or something...) I'll draw a winner on Friday! Winner will be announced on this Facebook post.

Muah! <3 RWL


  1. This peep would like to see something from one of these 3 pages. You can 6, page 14 or page 15! The brilliance of my page choice should not be overlooked! It should also be noted that I can.not.wait to get my hands on my SIGNED paperback!!!

  2. Hey Sam,
    How about page 13, 21 or 69!
    We are all Excited to get a signed copy!!
    What a Wild Ride for You!!

  3. Oh my darling friend- you will do so great.
    Page 7 (for Eli.) Page 15 (for Abby.). And page 18 (B & me!)



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