Friday, June 12, 2015

It's the Final Countdown

This is it, people.
This is when it's going down for real.
This is what I've been droning on and on about for weeks. 
This is the Final Countdown to release.

And these are my people. 

Listen to this as you read the rest of this post and pay your respects to my people. 
(This step is crucial. Don't continue reading until you've pushed play. Bobbing your head also intensifies the experience.)

OK, you're now in the proper frame of mind to appreciate the magnitude of this solitary moment. This is when something that has been so personal becomes so very public. Never before in the history of mankind (a lie) has a person been this gobsmacked by such a contradicting cocktail of emotion. I stand at the precipice of dream fulfillment or self loathing. (Some people may think that I am melodramatic. Hence the justification for the hairband, Europe, being my people. They get me.)

This post really has no point other than to rally the troops. Pump up the peeps. Pep talk the team. Fire the engines. Fan the flames. This is a grass roots effort to get you excited about this book and to get you to remember to send me nice thoughts as I fixate on the idea that other people are reading my words.

It's chocolate and insomnia time, my friends. We'll countdown these hours together as we rock back and forth in the corner with jars of Nutella and glazed over eyes.

Let's do this.

You're welcome.

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